Our Center, operative since 1978, hosts recognized schools of windsurfing, sailing and water skiing and fulfils the highest safety standards.
These schools have been originally registered by the “Dirección General de la Marina Mercante” as EDN-B-91, the sailing school and EDN-B-66 the waterskiing school. Nowadays they are also recognized by the “Direcció General del DARP” of the Generalitat de Catalunya on statements GEE-10-00 and GEE-11-00. Funtastic is also member of the ISSA (International Sailing Schools Association) and the VDWS International (Verband Deutscher Windsurfing und Wassersportschulen)

According to the current rules, Funtastic has third party insurance with “Asefa” on policy number 010805 for a total amount of €uros 2 MM £ per incident.
Likewise, our three power boats have secured policies of liability. These boats are used for duties related to a water ski school in its different modalities: water ski, wake-board, surf-wake, wake-skate, crazy banana, ringo, and other. The power boats are also committed watching after the security on the sea of our pupils. They are all insured by “MAPFRE Empresas” with the following details:
MasterCraft X-15 SS, named Mastercraft, plate number 6ª-BA-6-1-10, policy: 0630039833.
Avon Open 5,80 named Funtastic IV, plate number 6ª-BA-6-24-08, policy 630670059964.
Duarry 5,20 named FunSurf, plate number 6ª-BA-5-57-00, policy 0630470062272.

If you wish to take out a personal insurance with extended coverage consult your trusted agent or visit the website of our primary broker.

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